Guidelines for managed aquifer recharge (MAR) — health and environmental risk management

Improving the way we use our water resources is vitally important for ensuring a sustainable future for Victoria. There has been an increasing interest in using managed aquifer recharge (MAR) as a mechanism to store and later supply an alternative water source for various uses. These guidelines aim to: facilitate safe and sustainable development and operation of MAR schemes; outline the relevant regulatory framework and make the approval process for MAR schemes more efficient and transparent; ensure efficient investment to achieve public health and environmental protection that is consistent with state requirements. These guidelines apply to MAR schemes that have both an intentional recharge and planned extraction components, and are targeted at MAR scheme proponents and/or operators, regulatory authorities/agencies, Regional Water Corporations responsible for the approval of MAR schemes, Water Corporations, Consultants, Developers, Local Councils, Catchment Management Authorities and other government agencies/authorities with a water management role.
  • Publication Number: 1290
  • Category(s): Information Bulletin, Water
  • Number of pages: 21
  • Release Date: 17 Jul 2009

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