Guidelines for environmental management: Biosolids land application

Biosolids (appropriately treated sewage sludge) can make an important contribution to sustainable environmental management, through the return of organic material, trace elements, moisture and nutrients to our soils. The Guidelines for Environmental Management: Biosolids Land Application enables this beneficial use of biosolids, by providing a management framework that ensures any chemical and microbiological risks are appropriately managed. The drafting of the guideline has been supported by a best practice review of International and Australian biosolids management approaches and broad consultation on proposed guidance in November 2002 and 2000. Queries and comments on the guideline should be sent to your EPA regional office or : Project Manager Biosolids Management Guideline EPA Victoria GPO Box 4395QQ Melbourne Victoria 3001.
  • Publication Number: 943
  • Category(s): Guidelines for Environmental Management
  • Number of pages: 88
  • Release Date: 20 Apr 2004

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