Ambient air pollution and daily hospital admissions in Melbourne 1994–1997

EPA has been monitoring Melbourne’s air quality since the 1970s. Recently, this information has been the subject of studies by air quality scientists and experts in the field of human health to generate information about the impacts of our air quality on the health and well being of Melburnians. While we can be reassured that Melbourne’s air quality has generally improved over the last twenty years, we also know that the levels of air pollution we experience still have an impact on people. This report - Ambient Air Pollution and Daily Hospital Admissions in Melbourne 1994-1997 - provides new information which shows that air pollution in Melbourne is associated with increases in hospital admissions for respiratory and cardiovascular disease. Admissions for asthma in children are also associated with air pollution levels in Melbourne. The pollutants studied - ozone, nitrogen dioxide, fine particles and carbon monoxide - arise as a result of emissions from many sources, but in particular motor vehicles, industry and domestic wood heaters.
  • Publication Number: 789
  • Category(s): Air, Scientific report
  • Number of pages: 84
  • Release Date: 21 Feb 2002

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