The Health of Streams in the Ovens Catchment

The health of streams in the Ovens catchment declines from the upland forested sites to lowland riverine areas, but overall the health of streams in the catchment is reasonably good compared to many other catchments in Victoria. Generally, river health decreases with increasing distance downstream, reflecting the accumulation of impacts, higher populations and more intensive land use at lower altitudes. There are some impacts on water quality in the upper catchment from ski resorts on Mt Buffalo (and presumably the other resorts) and their associated roads and services. The majority of significant impacts however, occur in the foothills and plains where land clearing, erosion, cropping and grazing can affect river condition in a number of ways.
  • Publication Number: 713
  • Category(s): River Health Bulletins
  • Number of pages: 12
  • Release Date: 30 Jun 2000

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