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Latrobe Valley air monitoring

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EPA monitors air quality in Moe, Churchill, Morwell and Traralgon. The air quality information collected at these sites is shown on EPA AirWatch.

A community panel has designed a new air monitoring network for the Latrobe Valley. Visit Latrobe Valley air monitoring co-design for more information.

To find out more about air quality and air monitoring in the Latrobe Valley, see the sections below.

Air quality in the Latrobe Valley

For up-to-date air quality information in the Latrobe Valley, visit EPA AirWatch. Learn more about EPA AirWatch by reading our factsheet (publication 1629).

View latest air quality

How EPA monitors the air

Watch a video (YouTube) to learn what happens inside one of EPA’s air monitoring stations, or read more (publication 1631) about the different ways we monitor the air.

Still from EPA air monitoring video

Frequently asked questions from the Latrobe Valley community

Learn more about air quality in the Latrobe Valley by reading our answers (publication 1623) to some of the community’s most frequently asked questions about air quality, air pollution and monitoring in the Latrobe Valley.

Citizen science

Find out about EPA’s citizen science programs in the Latrobe Valley.


The Latrobe Valley Air Monitoring Network

The Latrobe Valley Air Monitoring Network (LVAMN) is an independent association funded by local industry. It operates two air monitoring stations: one in Jeeralang Hill and another at Rosedale South. LVAMN publishes monthly graphs of its air quality information on its website.

Page last updated on 14 May 2019