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EPA Victoria Citizen Science program


‘Citizen science can play its part in increasing community awareness of environmental problems’ – Bob Temple, EPA citizen scientist

Become a citizen scientist

EPA citizen scientists learn new skills, new ways of thinking about their local environment, and can meet people in their community with similar interests.

Our next citizen science project aims to better understand the air quality in the Latrobe Valley.

Have you experienced a dusty day at home in the Latrobe Valley? Help EPA investigate dust (particulate matter). All homes have dust, but how much do we know about it? What is it and where does it come from? 

We're inviting you to tell us what you would like to know about dust and to help make decisions about the direction  of a dust research project.

Join us for an information and study design session on Thursday 28 June or Saturday 30 June.

EPA has other citizen science projects under development. You can register to become a citizen scientist and suggest local environmental areas for investigation. Once you register, a member of the citizen science team will be in contact with you shortly.

Register to join our citizen scientists

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What is citizen science?

Citizen science involves volunteers from the community being part of scientific projects. This involvement can include the co-design of projects, data collection and the interpretation of data.

Citizen science creates a two-way working relationship between EPA and the Victorian community and promotes a shared understanding of important environmental issues. Through citizen science, community members are empowered to be involved in scientific projects traditionally limited to trained scientists.

Aims of EPA’s citizen science projects

 The aims of EPA’s current and future citizen science projects are to:

  • deliver high quality applied science outcomes for Victorians
  • empower community to a play a meaningful role in environmental science and decision making
  • foster innovative science through new technology and new approaches to tackling environmental issues by partnering with community.

Meet our citizen scientists

Established in 2014, EPA's Citizen Science program has engaged with over 100 citizen scientists across a range of projects. Our citizen scientists provide EPA and the Victorian community with important scientific information.

Meet some of EPA's citizen scientists.

Contact us

For more information on current or future citizen science opportunities, please email the Citizen Science Program Coordinator on

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