Monitoring the environment

Testing during the Hazelwood fire

In accordance with EPA’s responsibilities as the State of Victoria’s environmental regulator, EPA monitored and analysed the air, soil and water in order to detect any potential environmental issues related to the Hazelwood mine fire.

EPA collected air, water, ash and soil samples from various sites across the Latrobe Valley, which were submitted to independent laboratories for analysis.The results from the air monitoring were provided to the Department of Health to assess potential impacts on human health and inform the community.

This data is now being used to inform the independent health study being conducted by Monash University on the long-term health impacts from the mine fire.

The summaries linked above provide an overview of the water, soil, ash and air testing done by EPA during the Hazelwood mine fire. In-depth sample results can be found by visiting our water, soil and ash testing data pages.

Page last updated on 10 Mar 2017