Monitoring the environment

Environmental reporting

The map below shows the sites where EPA conducted environmental monitoring and sampling in the Latrobe Valley as part of the Hazelwood recovery program. EPA ceased water and soil testing in June 2015, but we continue to monitor air quality at five air monitoring stations around the Latrobe Valley.

Air monitoring stations and water and soil sampling sites are represented by different icons. Clicking on one of these will bring up information about that site, as well as a link to the data EPA has collected there. In the case of air monitoring stations, the link will go to the EPA AirWatch page.

A group of sites on the map is represented by a red icon – clicking on it will zoom in to show individual monitoring sites. Clicking on the boxed arrows will zoom out to show the full map.

In addition to EPA’s air monitoring network, the Latrobe Valley Air Monitoring Network (LVAMN), an independent association funded by local industry, operates two air monitoring stations: one in Jeeralang Hill and another at Rosedale South. The stations monitor the air for a number of key pollutants, and LVAMN publishes monthly graphs of its results on its website.

Page last updated on 11 Aug 2016