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Update of activities since 19 July 2017

Since the last update of the Wyndham landfill works approval application pages:

  • On 7 September 2017 EPA received and accepted further technical information from WCC in response to the third notice. It is noted that this includes revisions to the previously submitted site contour and premise plans and new information clarifying aspects of the application.
  • On 30 August the submission period closed. Since the commencement of the consultation on 19 July 2017 three submissions were received in response to the second notice raised by EPA on 12 April 2017 requesting WCC supply further information to address the recommendations and questions raised in the 20B conference report.
  • On 23 August 2017 EPA hosted a second information session (the venue and the format were the same as the first session).
  • On 18 August 2017 EPA issued a third notice (PDF 200KB) to WCC under section 22 of the Environment Protection Act. This required WCC to provide further technical information in relation to their decision to remove piggyback cells from the application.
  • On 1 August 2017 Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) hosted an information session at the Eagle Stadium where Wyndham City Council (PowerPoint 2.8MB; WCC) and EPA (PowerPoint 1.1MB) provided an overview of the concerns raised in the second notice and included in the 20B conference report, further information provided by WCC, the EPA works approval process and how further submissions could be made.

Wyndham City Council responds to requests for further information and EPA hosts an information session on 1 August 2017

On 10 July 2017 Wyndham City Council (WCC) provided a formal response to the two requests for further information (S22 notices) that EPA had requested. EPA advertised the responses on 19 July 2017 and invited interested members of the community to make submissions on the responses.

To assist members of the community with their submissions on council’s responses, EPA invited members of the public to attend an information session regarding WCC’s proposal to extend operations within the boundaries of its current landfill on Wests Road, Werribee.

The event took place between 2pm-8pm on 1 August 2017 in meeting rooms at the Eagle Stadium, 35 Ballan Road, Werribee. Residents and interested persons were invited to come by at any time to learn more about:

  • the additional information
  • concerns raised and WCC’s response to them
  • the works approval assessment process
  • how to make a submission.

The format of the session was an informal drop-in session and WCC and EPA representatives were available to answer questions. WCC provided brief presentations about their response to the requests for further information.

Members of the public were able to make written submissions in relation to the new information up until 5pm on 16 August 2017. As some community members did not receive their invitations to the 1 August 2017 information session, EPA hosted a second session on 23 August 2017. The venue and the format were the same as the first session, while the comments period was extended to 30 August 2017.

EPA requests further information from Wyndham City Council

On 19 January 2017 EPA issued a notice (PDF 269KB) to WCC under section 22 of the Environment Protection Act requesting that the council supply further information on:

  • groundwater quality
  • long-term undisturbed groundwater levels
  • additional design and management measures for cells that do not meet the two-metre requirement for separation from groundwater
  • details on leachate management
  • details on stormwater management.

The extra information will help clarify the remaining aspects needed by EPA to undertake a thorough assessment of the works approval application.

On 12 April 2017 EPA issued a second notice (PDF 269KB) to WCC under section 22 of the Environment Protection Act. EPA has requested that the council supply further information to address the recommendations and questions raised in the 20B conference report.

Public consultation on the application

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) conducted a consultation period on Wyndham City Council’s (WCC) works approval application (see Background) between 14 December 2016 and 7 February 2017. Submissions were received via email, post and an online form.

EPA received over 170 submissions on the application. Due to the significant number of submissions, EPA hosted a conference between the applicants (WCC) and the submitters at 6 pm on 14 March 2017, at Werribee Park. 

The consultation session with community members, known as a 20B conference, discussed the council’s plans to extend operations within the boundaries of its current landfill. This session aimed to ensure EPA fully understands the community’s concerns regarding the application.

The conference was conducted by an independent chairperson. Their report (PDF, 700KB) contains the summary of the feedback heard from the community and the independent chairperson’s recommendations to EPA and WCC.

EPA will take into account the recommendations of the conference chair when making a decision on the application. On 12 April 2017 EPA made a formal request (under section 22 of the Act) to WCC for information to address the recommendations and questions raised in the 20B conference report.

EPA’s address to community (14 March 2017)

Presenter: Tim Faragher, Manager Development Assessment Unit, EPA

This presentation talks about the works approval process, what stage it’s at and the issues raised in submissions.

Wyndham City Council’s address to community (14 March 2017)

Presenter: Simon Clay, Manager Waste Management & Disposal City Operations, WCC

The council’s presentation outlines what it is seeking approval for.

All comments received were considered if the name and address (street or email) of the person making the submission or objection were provided. Anonymous submissions or objections were not considered. Submissions and objections are treated as public documents.


Wyndham City Council (WCC) has applied to EPA for a works approval to extend its landfill at 470 Wests Road, Werribee (Wyndham landfill). WCC proposes to construct four new large landfill cell areas (each made up of multiple cells) and raise the height of existing cells 1A, 2 and 3.

Under this proposal, all cells will be filled to 44 m Australian Height Datum (AHD, essentially above sea level), which is the maximum height allowed under the planning scheme (44m AHD is about 22 m above ground level). The existing cells are currently filled to between 30 and 33 m AHD.

There is no proposal to accept prescribed industrial waste (including asbestos) onsite. The proposal is for disposal of putrescible waste, solid inert waste, and fill material (the same waste stream as for the existing cell 4C). EPA understands the site receives waste from across the Melbourne metropolitan area.

WCC needs both planning permit approval and EPA works approval. EPA understands the planning permit is already in place for this site.

Supporting documents

Submissions received during comments period closed 30 August 2017

Notice 3, issued 18 April 2017 (Attachments below)

  1. S22 Notice from EPA (PDF 200KB)
  2. WCC response (PDF 1,159KB)
  3. Attachment 1: Revised site contours (PDF 1,990KB)
  4. Attachment 2: Revised premises plan
  5. Landfill capping plan (PDF 12,306KB)
  6. Rehabilitation management plan for cells 1B, 2A, 2B and 3 (PDF 638KB)
  7. Addendum: Further information on rehabilitation of cells 1B, 2A, 2B and 3 (PDF 406KB)
  8. WCC response to WREC submission (PDF 702KB)

Notice 2, issued 12 April 2017 (Attachments below)

  1. S22 Notice from EPA (PDF 343KB)
  2. Revised cell layout plan (PDF 518KB)
  3. RDF landscape plans (PDF 50,189KB)
  4. Bulban Rd landscape plans (PDF 10,168KB)
  5. Sample fact sheet (PDF 353KB)
  6. Top of cap presettlement plan (PDF 2,790KB)
  7. Top of waste presettlement plan (PDF 2,956KB)
  8. Site cross sections (PDF 456KB)
  9. Progressive rehabilitation plan (PDF 725KB)
  10. Response to submissions (PDF 843KB)
  11. WCC response (PDF 767KB)

Notice 1, issued 19 January 2017 (Attachments below)

  1. S22 Notice issued by EPA (PDF 270KB)
  2. Additional groundwater information (PDF 7,304KB)
  3. EPA assessment of S22 response Feb 2017 (PDF 432KB)
  4. Revised groundwater and design measures report (PDF 128KB)
  5. Sidewall linear section (PDF 174KB)
  6. Conception groundwater interception layout (PDF 716KB)
  7. Concept groundwater relief trench  (PDF 193KB)
  8. Additional leachate information (PDF 118KB)
  9. Leachate pond location (PDF 634KB)
  10. Typical leachate pond design (PDF 70KB)
  11. Stormwater management plan (PDF 4,296KB)
  12. Revised site contours (PDF 2,695KB)
  13. Landfill gas risk assessment (PDF 16,013KB)
  14. Noise modelling report (PDF 9,578KB)
  15. Odour dispersion modelling report (PDF 21,373KB)
  16. Response

Submissions received

Other documents

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