Environmental public health

Clandestine laboratory remediation

Local government environmental health officers (EHOs) need to be aware of the health risks associated with remediation of clandestine drug laboratories (clan labs).

The environmental health practice note Clandestine laboratory remediation (PDF 660KB) has been written primarily for local government EHOs.

In addition to EHOs, the following people may find the practice note relevant:

  • owners (or their agents) of sites found to contain clan labs
  • professionals assessing or remediating clan lab sites
  • other parties involved in the investigation or remediation of a clan lab site.

Refer to the national Clandestine drug laboratory remediation guidelines (PDF 5.0MB; Commonwealth Auditor-General’s Department) for more detailed information.

The Municipal Association of Victoria’s Guidance manual for local government authorised officers (the MAV manual) explains the powers and accountabilities of EHOs. Sections in the MAV manual relevant to clan lab remediation include:

  • nuisance
  • investigation
  • enforcement mechanisms and procedures.

EHOs involved in clan lab remediation should also refer to the MAV manual.

Page last updated on 14 Dec 2016