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Campbellfield industrial fire

Map showing fire site (outlined in red) at 16-18 Thornycroft Street, Campbellfield and Foden Reserve wetlandMap showing fire site (outlined in red) at 16-18 Thornycroft Street, Campbellfield and Foden Reserve wetland.

Update 9 April 2019

Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) was called to a large industrial fire at a factory in Campbellfield on Friday morning (5 April 2019). The fire has now been extinguished.

Since Friday EPA has provided advice to the incident controller about air monitoring in the area. EPA also provided advice on how to contain fire water at the site to minimise impacts on local waterways.

As the fire is now out, air monitoring devices that were deployed to Coolaroo, Campbellfield and Dallas have been deactivated.

EPA is also working with Melbourne Water to prevent and manage impacts to local waterways.

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Air quality

EPA has demobilised air monitoring equipment on site as air quality has remained steady in the good to very good category since the fire was contained. 

Water quality

The impact of the fire appears to have been contained to the upper sections of Merlynston Creek.

Current advice remains to avoid contact with Merlynston Creek and Jack Roper Reserve Lake until further notice.

EPA has been conducting water quality monitoring on Merlynston Creek and will continue to do so for the immediate future.

EPA is monitoring water conductivity, pH levels, temperature and dissolved oxygen levels. Our main focus is on dissolved oxygen in water as it is vital for fish and aquatic life. Pollution from firewater causes a decrease in dissolved oxygen in rivers and streams.

Initial sampling of dissolved oxygen has been taken along Merlynston Creek at sites upstream of the fire site, at the vicinity of the site and downstream.

On the day immediately after the fire (6 April) there was very low dissolved oxygen in the immediate vicinity of the stormwater outlet entering Merlynston Creek at National Boulevard compared to upstream levels. Dissolved oxygen was low enough to cause fish kills at this site.

Low dissolved oxygen levels were not observed in the Creek at sites over 1 km downstream from the stormwater outlet at this time.

On the 7 April, dissolved oxygen levels in the lower Merlynston Creek were typical of an urban waterway.

Dissolved oxygen in the Jack Roper Reserve Lake is fluctuating, however this may be unrelated.

Based on this, severe impacts downstream of the upper Merlynston Creek area are not expected.

Bradbury licence suspension

On 20 March 2019 EPA suspended the licence of Campbellfield company Bradbury Industrial Services Pty Ltd at 16-18 Thornycroft Street Campbellfield.

The company provides storage and disposal services of hazardous and industrial waste and specialises in treating solvent and other waste from paint and related industries.

The suspension followed an EPA licence compliance inspection on Wednesday 13 March 2019.

The suspension means that the company cannot take additional waste to its site, but can process what already exists on the site, until it complies with its licence threshold requirements.

At the inspection, EPA officers found the company to be storing more waste than permitted under its EPA licence. Storage containers were not adequately labelled and were being handled outside an adequately bunded area.

As a result of that inspection, EPA issued Bradbury with a notice on Friday 15 March 2019, demanding it show cause as to why its licence should not be suspended. The notice gave the company until Monday 18 March 2019 at 4pm to provide the necessary evidence.

Bradbury could not satisfy EPA as to why it should not have its licence suspended. Therefore, EPA took strong regulatory action and suspended the company’s licence. EPA issued regulatory notices that required the company to bring the site into compliance with its EPA licence requirements.

The community has a right to expect that the management of hazardous and industrial waste is done to a high standard that meets regulations. This was not the case with Bradbury and is why EPA took strong regulatory action to suspend the licence. 

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