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Useful environmental apps

Pollution is everywhere – and so are ways to reduce it. Here are some free apps that will help you protect your health, and the environment.

Reduce pollution

Report Litter: The first app of its kind in Australia, EPA’s public litter reporting system lets you report someone you see littering from or near motor vehicles.

Go Green: Want to green your home, but don't know where to start? This app has a few ideas.

Global Alert: Help reduce plastic in our waters and oceans.

Track pollution

CleanSpace: Track your exposure to air pollution.

Carbon Emissions Calculator: Estimate your carbon emissions every time you fly.

Oroeco: Every aspect of your life can affect climate change. Oroeco explores how.

Understand pollution

Skeptical Science: Ever heard someone say global warming isn't happening? Here’s some easy-to-understand science so you can talk about the issues.

Page last updated on 5 Feb 2018