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Illegal dumping intelligence form

This page is for individuals or businesses to report information or intelligence related to illegal dumping practices.

If you operate in the waste, construction, demolition or excavation sectors and have witnessed illegal dumping, or if you suspect a business of non-compliant waste management practices, EPA would like to hear from you. The information you provide will help us analyse and connect waste dumping incidents. We can identify operators who may be avoiding the landfill levy, abandoning waste or taking waste to unlicensed sites.

Fill out the form below to report what you’ve seen. The information you provide may not result in an inspection from an EPA officer; however, it makes an important contribution to EPA intelligence about illegal dumping.

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Examples of the information we’re looking for

  • The location of fill sites that are receiving wastes other than uncontaminated soils from skip bin operators.
  • Skip bin prices that do not appear to cover the cost of legal disposal.
  • Trucks you’ve witnessed dumping waste at unlicensed sites.

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Incident description
Describe what you saw or what makes you think the operator may not be operating legally
Alleged offender details
e.g. phone number, address, vehicle registration
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Page last updated on 16 Feb 2018