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How do I complete a vehicle permit form?

This page is for waste transportation operators who carry prescribed industrial waste. It steps through the process for selecting and completing the right form for your application.

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  • Step 1: Read the relevant guidance

    Before you apply for a vehicle permit, ensure you read these guides:

  • Step 2: Select the correct form

    New application

    If you’re new to the waste-transport business, or want to obtain a permit for a new vehicle, you’ll need to fill out an Application for permit to transport prescribed industrial waste (Form F1009).


    If you have a permit, but some of your details are changing, such as your licence plate, your company’s name, or the type of waste that you’re carrying, you’ll need to fill out an Application for amendment of permit to transport prescribed industrial waste (Form F1008).


    If you are the new owner of a vehicle that already has a permit, you’ll need to fill out an Application for transfer of permit to transport prescribed industrial waste (Form 1010).

  • Step 3: Complete the form

    Part 1: Applicant details

    For new permit and amendment applications, you’ll need to be able to show that you own the vehicle in question by being listed as the current registered operator with VicRoads, or be able to prove that you’re leasing out the vehicle by attaching a lease agreement.

    For transfers, only the new owner may apply. Prior to lodging your application, the process of transferring vehicle ownership with VicRoads will need to have been completed.

    If you’re applying on behalf of a company, you’ll need to list your:

    • Australian Business Number
    • Australian Company Number
    • Authorised contact person who we can contact to discuss the application.

    Parts 2 & 3: Declaration of relevant offences

    Applicants need to disclose if they have committed any relevant offences. Relevant offences are defined in Section 20C of the Environment Protection Act 1970. Relevant offences will be considered by EPA in determining whether applicants are fit and proper persons to hold a vehicle permit. 

    All applicants, including corporations, must complete the relevant offence declaration in Part 2.

    The additional relevant offence declaration in Part 3 of the forms is to be completed only if the applicant is a corporation.

    For both declarations, applicants that select yes must attach a statutory declaration from that person (or each of those persons in the case of Part 3) to the permit application.

    Further information on the relevant offence declaration can be found by referring to the guideline Permit to transport prescribed industrial waste (publication IWRG811).

    Part 4: Permit and vehicle details

    Ensure you complete all fields (as relevant) and select the body type as identified in the appendices of Vehicle guidance: Non-tanker vehicles/trailers (publication IWRG814) or Vehicle guidance: Tanker/tanker trailer (publication IWRG816). The final field in Part 4 is only applicable when the vehicle is of an alternative design, or has methods of assembly, not mentioned in this guidance.

    Part 5: Declaration of applicant

    Do not forget to fill in your vehicle registration number and sign the declaration in Part 5. Applications will not be accepted unless this declaration has been completed and signed by the applicant.

    By signing this declaration, you are declaring that:

    • the information you have provided in your application is true and correct
    • your vehicle has adequate current insurance
    • your vehicle is fit for the purpose of transporting prescribed industrial waste specified in your application, and meets the vehicle control requirements specified in the vehicle guidance table (Appendix 1) relevant to your vehicle category and body type –

    The vehicle photo guide complements the above guidance by providing photographic examples of the vehicle control requirements.

    Part 6: Checklist

    This checklist is to be completed by the applicant. If you are a tanker applicant applying for flammable solvents, you will also need to select the checkbox confirming that you have attached an AS2809 tanker design approval.

    Part 7: Waste to be transported – relevant to new permit and amendment forms (F1009 & F1008)

    The list of waste codes is included in the new permit and permit amendment application forms. Please ensure you only select the codes that are appropriate for your vehicle.

  • Step 4: Lodging your permit application

    Email your application in PDF or Word format to

    Incomplete applications will not be accepted, and you will need to reapply.

    Do not send any fee with the application – EPA will let you know the correct fee, based on the fee schedule provided in Appendix A of Permit to transport prescribed industrial waste (publication IWRG811)

  • Need further help?

    Check out our Waste transportation Q&As or direct your queries to the Permitting team on 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC).

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Page last updated on 4 Dec 2017