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EPA removes Campaspe River water quality warning

14 Jul 2019

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) has lifted the health warning that has applied to the Campaspe River between Kyneton and Lake Eppalock since early June.

EPA Compliance and Enforcement Team Leader for the North West Region, Paul Ratajczyk, says the latest water flow and quality data from Coliban Water shows the Campaspe River has had consistently good flows in July 2019.

"Those good flows mean Coliban Water can meet their EPA discharge licence requirements for water quality, and consequently we have advised Coliban Water to lift the health warnings along the river," Mr Ratajczyk said.

"Coliban Water and EPA will continue to monitor the discharge and river flows, to ensure the water quality continues to comply with Coliban’s licence," he said.

EPA will also issue Coliban Water with legal notices that require it to undertake works to prevent any further non-compliant discharges of treated water to the river.

"EPA recognises that the water quality issues that led to the official warnings have been a cause of concern for the community along the Campaspe River. Coliban Water and EPA will actively engage with the local community and keep the public informed of any possible future quality issues and actions," Mr Ratajczyk said.

"While it is good news that the warnings have been lifted, and water from the Campaspe River is once again suited to normal uses for river water, EPA reminds the community that untreated river water in any river system is never recommended for drinking," he said.

Page last updated on 15 Jul 2019