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SKM Laverton North Update

13 Jul 2019

Lines attributable to Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) Acting CEO Paul Stacchino

4pm, 13 July 2019

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) has withdrawn its official notice banning recycler SKM Services Pty Ltd from accepting recyclables at its Laverton North facility.

The facility, which processes large amounts of household recyclables collected by local Councils, can now resume accepting waste.

The notice requiring SKM to cease to accept new waste was issued on Wednesday, 10 July, after an EPA inspection found the site failed to meet the requirements of the Victorian Waste Management Policy, which specifies a range of requirements for the safety of workers and the public.

Following an Inspection by EPA today, the EPA notice has been revoked. Inspectors from WorkSafe and the Wyndham City Council were also present to follow up on remedial action.  

SKM’s recycling facilities can expect regular monitoring to continue and EPA will not hesitate to take further strong remedial action if any of the company’s sites fail to comply with the Policy.

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