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EPA issues clean up notice for site of Tottenham fire

21 Aug 2019

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) has issued a notice that requires the owner of the land, Danbol Pty Ltd, to clean up the site of a large fire that occurred on Somerville Road, Tottenham last year.

EPA Director of Regional Operations and Emergency Management Duncan Pendrigh said the notice requires the assessment and removal from the site of all high risk chemical waste stored at the premises by 17 August 2020.

“This notice is the first step as part of the long-term clean-up of the fire site and aims to minimise the harmful impacts of pollution and waste to human health and the environment.”

Mr Pendrigh said before waste removal and clean up could occur, the company had to provide EPA with a waste removal plan.

“The company has until 18 February 2020 to provide a plan, that sets out specific timeframes, a sampling plan to identify waste on the site, a waste removal plan that includes where the waste is going and how it will be transported,” Mr Pendrigh said.

“Once EPA is satisfied that this plan can be put in action to remove any risks to human health and the environment that currently exist at the site it will allow the company to proceed with the removal of the waste that must be completed by 17 August 2020.”

EPA is continuing to investigate any breaches of the Environment Protection Act 1970 that may have occurred in the lead up to the fire and expects to lay charges later this year. It is inappropriate to comment on specific aspects of current investigations.


Page last updated on 21 Aug 2019