Environment Protection Authority Victoria

Mae Ercolani, Project Manager

Sustainability Victoria

Margot Finn, Project Manager

Education Services Australia Ltd

Jenny Wajsenberg, Project Director
Martin Richards, Project Manager
Martin Stone, Project Manager
Helen Willoughby, Editor
Zoe Naughton, Editor

Final AGC development by Synergy 7

Roger Clark, lead programmer
Karen Smith, graphics

Initial AGC development by Nectarine

Minty Hunter, Project Manager
Matthew Simpson, Lead programmer
Rebekah Farr, Lead Designer
Karl Ervine, Designer

Algorithm creation by Centre for Design, RMIT

Alan Pears
Tony Isaacs, (Heating and cooling)
Nycole Wood, Project Manager (Heating and Cooling)

Algorithm creation by Life Cycle Strategies Pty Ltd

Tim Grant, (Food and waste)

Algorithm creation and report by Sustainable Solutions

Alan Pears

AGC animation by Nectarine

Martin Stone, Executive Producer ESA
James Hutson, Writer/Director
Steve Piscopo, Lead Animator
Tracy Gin and James Hutson, Assistant Animators
Minty Hunter, Editor/Programmer
Rebecca Macauley and Alan King, Voice Talent
Audrey Studios, Recording Facility
Karl Ervine, Additional Sound

AGC website by Millipede Creative Development

Patrick Toohey, Project Manager
Michael Raftos, Designer
Daniel Heim, Developer

Education materials by BriTer Solutions

Dr Brian Sharpley, Writer (Education materials)
Bob Winters, Writer (Education materials)